the tiniest element has a purpose, a sparkle, a voice…

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Platonic Plates
Handstitched Japanese fabric, paper, gold leaf, metal, beads
5" x 3"
Written in the Stars
Knitted Covering, shell, wood, metal leaf, beads, Works on paper, cutouw
8" x 3"
Kyoto Dreams
Paper, rock and blue thread on small canvas
4" x 5"
For my Daughter - May Your Journey Be Beautiful
Baby celluloid bangle, vintage metal elements, wood, stones, antique glass pieces, textiles, small work with markings and gold dot
9" x 2"
Babar's Paradise
Oil, various papers, textiles, thread, stones, old metal decorative, celluloid elephant charm.
6" x 5"
Lift Up in Prayer
Old Middle Eastern textiles, paper, oil paint, twine, bird charm
3" x 3"
All Roads Lead Here
oil paint, paper, fabric, metal findings, hand colored drawings, wood, jade element
Novem 2" x 2"
Before Spain
fabric, oil paint, paper, metal elements, Vintage goldtone birds and chain, stones
2" x 2" and 2" x 4"
fabric, paper, glass stones, metal wire, old findings
2" x 6" (unframed)
fabric, oil paint, metal, shell, found remnants, glass stones, wood
6" x 6"
fabric, oil paint, metal, shell, found remnants, glass stones, wood
6.5" x 6"
We Leave at Midnight, group of 4 Small Works
oil paint, paper, metal, glass, stone
four (4) 2" x 2"
Cluster of 16 Small Works
fabric, oil, paper, metal, glass stones, wood, shell, jeweled found objects and beaded works, glass pieces/shards, original works on paper and cord
Sixteen (16) 2" x 2"
Cluster of 16, detail
(3) 2" x 2"